What to Know About Hyatt Hotels

Although many believe Hyatt hotels are too expensive for someone on a budget, we have found this program to be one of the very most rewarding since joining in 2014. Honestly, we thought we would apply for the Hyatt credit card through Chase, get the sign up bonus, then not use Hyatt much more. That thought was very wrong!

Even though we don’t stay at Hyatts as much as some other programs, it’s mainly because of their limited locations rather than price. We have found their prices to be very competitive with other chains!  Read more below for an overview of the program!Hyatt locations provided by Travel is Free

Hyatt has nearly 750 properties around the world currently. This is significantly less than Marriott or Hilton, so we have found this fact to be the hardest part about staying at Hyatts. For example if going to a large city like New York or Houston, you will have your pick of Hyatt properties; however, if you are going to a smaller beach area there may be only one or no Hyatts around. Don’t take that to mean there are no beachfront Hyatt properties, because there are many, they just aren’t as widespread.

If you like options, you may find yourself not staying at Hyatts as often unless you are consistently traveling to big cities. Don’t forget that in order to accomplish traveling to your dream destination you need to search through all hotel loyalty programs to find the one that fits where you want to go. If your dream destination is a lofty one, then Hyatt may be just right for you!

The World of Hyatt loyalty program was introduced in 2017 and got some negative feedback initially. I certainly did not like all of the changes and how they affected our stays, but I am not going to focus on what it used to be but rather what it is currently. Just know that when searching through World of Hyatt information you are likely to run into some posts with people complaining about the recent changes.

The full rundown on the Hyatt website found here can give you an in depth look at the benefits of each level, but I am going to give a quick synopsis of each category below while highlighting the perks you would likely use on a stay.


Sign up to be a World of Hyatt member for free in order to gain points when staying at Hyatt properties. You will get 5 points per dollar when staying at a Hyatt, so if you are planning a hotel stay, PLEASE sign up in order to get some points!

Perks of being a World of Hyatt Member are limited, but you would get free internet when booking through Hyatt portals and can use points to get a free night.

*As a huge advantage to the Hyatt program, even those in the free member level have resort fees waived when using points. This can save LOTS of money if staying at a resort property.

Discoverist (10 nights)

The low level World of Hyatt tier called Discoverist is earned after 10 nights in a calendar year. You can also get this status by have the Hyatt credit card through Chase!


Upgrades to preferred rooms.

Late check-out until 2 PM

10% point bonus on stays

Premium internet where available

Explorist (30 nights)

The mid-level tier is earned after staying 30 nights in a calendar year.

Perks: (in addition to Discoverist)

Receive 4 club lounge passes for free breakfast and access to the lounge

20% point bonus

Get a free night when you reach 30 nightsHyatt Regency Lounge-Denver

Globalist (60 nights)

The top-tier elite status with Hyatt is earned after 60 nights in a calendar year.

Perks: (in addition to Explorist)

Club lounge access for each stay

Upgraded rooms, including standard suites

In addition to waived resort fees on free nights, also can waive parking fees

30% point bonus

Receive free night certificates at 30 nights, 70 nights, and 4 suite upgrades at 70 nightsCategory 1 Hyatt House in Colorado Springs

Hyatt has a very simple reward chart for each hotel category. Because their point totals are relatively small for reward redemptions, most find it easy to get enough points for a free night when using the Hyatt credit card for normal monthly spend.

Here are the redemption prices by category:

Category 1 5,000 points

Category 2 8,000 points

Category 3 12,000 points

Category 4 15,000 points

Category 5 20,000 points

Category 6 25,000 points

Category 7 30,000 points

Every hotel program has a sweet spot for redemptions, and Hyatt is no exception. Many Hyatt loyalists will point out the obvious steal that Category 1 properties are, and this is very true. We seem to find lots of category 3 hotels selling for several hundred dollars per night. As the hotels get more expensive on points, you may or may not get a great deal on points, although the all-inclusive resorts do typically come out as a win overall.

This a good card to start gaining points if you like to stay at nicer hotels. Because the annual fee is more than offset with the free night per year, I consider losing money with this card impossible as long as you use your free night. And if you’re into traveling enough to read this article, you should have no problem using the free night.

Info about the card

-40,000 World of Hyatt points when spending $2,000 in the first 3 months. That’s enough points for 2 nights at a category 5 hotel, like this Hyatt in Clearwater Beach Florida!Hyatt Regency Clearwater Beach

-Annual fee of $75 that posts each cardmember year

-Free night in category 1-4 hotel every year like the Andaz Savannah pictured belowAndaz Savannah

-Discoverist status as long as you have the card

-3x points per dollar spent at Hyatt

-2x points per dollar spent on restaurants, car rentals, and airline tickets purchased from the airline directly

-1x points on all other purchases.

Even though Marriott and Hilton may fit more people because of the ease of finding a hotel wherever you travel, Hyatt can definitely be an awesome option for travelers. Remember that the card offers a low annual fee yet a free night at some expensive Hyatts. Some amazing city or beachfront hotels can be visited for free through Hyatt!