Teacher Hotel Discount in Orlando at Disney World: Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek

Teachers, while Marriott continues to run special discounts for us at several hotels (find out more here), the Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek is running an awesome teacher discount that will work for this summer, fall break, Thanksgiving, and over Christmas break! Now is the time to book summer and fall break trips, so get the discount while you can.

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***Please read the article in its entirety and get all of the details for how to get the discount.***Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek

As you can tell from the picture, the resort is gorgeous and has over 1000 rooms. They also sport gigantic pools covering 3 acres!!! The lazy river is a top attraction along with slides and waterpark activities.


The hotel is literally next door to the Disney parks, and they offer free transportation to and from the parks daily in a really nice motor coach. The location is extremely close to shopping and, of course, GOLF! As you can see in the picture below, the golf course is on the other side of the lake from the resort!

The Rooms

The rooms at the resort are updated and are what you would expect at a Hilton hotel. As most would say, they don’t go to Disney to stay in the hotel room, but this room will make you want to stay and relax as much as possible. You definitely will get a good night’s rest after exploring a Disney park and then swimming (floating) in the lazy river.2 Queen Room

Kids Activities

As if going to Disney parks and having 3 acres worth of pools are not enough, the hotel has some pretty cool waterpark-type playgrounds for the kids as well as an arcade/game room. After going to the website and looking through the pictures, I have no doubt that your kids will be entertained with all of the activities.Water slide Arcade room

Now for the part that makes us feel special as teachers! First thing to do is go to this website. You will see a picture that looks like this:Teacher Discount page

First thing to notice is the quote and paragraph at the top. They really want to thank us!

We will get back to the rates in a second, but look also at the other discounts near the bottom of the picture. A 20% golf discount is nice to have, and I like the 50% discount on the breakfast buffet (everyone needs a huge meal before heading to one of the Disney parks all day). 


Notice that the discount listed in the picture above says:

June-September          Rates from $159

October-December      Rates from $179

The next thing I did was click on where it says “Book Now.” When I did that I entered some dates right before July 4th. I immediately saw that I could book a room for $139!

Some of the nights in June are already fully booked, but I found that most of July was still open. I know, I know, people think Florida in the summer is way too hot; however, we spent last summer all up and down Florida and finally came home on July 17th. When we got home it was hotter in Nashville!

If you are interested in booking for a full week, you can do that as well. I took a picture of what that looked like for your reference:

What are the rates without the teacher discount?

The cheapest rates I found in the summer was for $189 compared to $139 with the teacher discount. Typically it was closer to $219 normally and $139 with the teacher discount.

What do I need to prove I am a teacher?

I called to see what could be used as proof of being a teacher, and they said they needed a teacher ID badge. I would suggest taking a copy of your teaching license and be able to prove you are currently employed through a school website.

Let’s say I wanted to go to Orlando for a 4 night stay after visiting Clearwater Beach. I would book like this:

1. Pay for 2 nights at $139 per night

2. Use points for 2 nights at 50,000 points per night

By using points you can save a few hundred bucks. You could then spend that savings on doing a completely extra Disney park over what you had originally planned!

Getting 100,000 Hilton points (50,000 x 2 nights) is relatively easy considering the new Hilton Ascend credit card is now offering what is effectively a 100,000 point bonus after you meet spend requirements (find out more here).

When getting that card you also get Hilton Gold status, which would score you a likely room upgrade, late check out, and free continental breakfast every day of your stay.

Although there are lots of discounts to be found in the travel industry, we don’t come across many that are as lucrative as this that are in the perfect location. It is hard to beat getting driven for free in a motor coach to the parks and back. Don’t forget also about the incredible golf course right next to your hotel, and the kids will be fully entertained after visiting the parks by going to the pools and the arcade.

Signing up for a credit card can be a little scary in the beginning, so I encourage you to read these articles so that you can see how attainable a trip like this can be:

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As always, please let us know if you have any questions or problems by emailing us at teacherstravelingonpoints@gmail.com. We want everyone to have the best vacation, but most of all, we want you to be able to afford the vacation that you’d been dreaming about taking for years!