Review of Sheraton New Orleans

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Elizabeth and I decided to take a fall trip to New Orleans, and the last night of our stay we moved to the Sheraton New Orleans on Canal Street. Since we were staying in town on a Friday night, the hotel rates were super expensive, and like usual, we wouldn’t be able to travel unless we stayed for free using points. If you are traveling to New Orleans soon or know someone that might be interested, please read and share this with them!

As I stated before, the rates were over $300 when you factor in taxes and fees. We were able to secure a King Room on the 43rd floor overlooking the city for only 10,000 Starpoints (SPG) points.

We received the bulk of our Starpoints after applying for the Starwood Credit Card through American Express. It gave us 25,000 Starpoints after spending $3,000 in the first three months. As is typical with our travels using points, we were able to stay at a much nicer hotel than we could ever afford!Sheraton Lobby

Check in was a 4 PM, but we requested early check in and arrived at about 3:15. The line to check in was the longest I have ever seen! It seriously snaked throughout the entire lobby; HOWEVER, elite guests with the SPG program were able to skip the line and go to another check in location at the end of the desks. I can’t say for sure how much time this saved us, but it at least was an hour and I fear it could have been longer than that had we waited in that line.

The lobby is absolutely gorgeous with a bar/restaurant in the center. It especially was pretty at night as the lights complemented the New Orleans feel. Because it is a convention center hotel, there is an escalator that will take you to the 2nd floor where all of the meeting rooms seemed to be. Additionally, we didn’t visit the pool because of the cool temperature outside, but we did have a view of it from the room.Sheraton pool Sheraton king room

The room was very typical of a Sheraton with a nice king bed, large enough bathroom, and a large TV on the wall. What stood out about the room was definitely the floor to ceiling window!View from window

I can’t say exactly how tall the window was, but it at least was 8 feet tall. The view was absolutely spectacular, and we spent a several minutes just looking outside before and after dark as the city changed into it’s famous nightlife feel. We even enjoyed watching the police set up their stations at crosswalks on Canal Street!Window

The only thing I didn’t like about the room was the thermostat settings. It would not go below 68 degrees, but it was very stuffy in the room. This was easily bypassed by watching a YouTube video for overriding the particular Honeywell thermostat. Still, it drives me crazy when I can’t control the temperature!Sheraton lounge

Even though we only have Gold Elite status with SPG, we were upgraded to a lounge floor room with lounge access. The lounge was by far the best part of the hotel with unobstructed views of the Mississippi River, and a ton of great food!View from Lounge

We ended up not eating dinner because we overstuffed ourselves in the lounge when they served an evening meal consisting of typical cheese, crackers, fruit, etc. But unlike some other lounges, we were treated to some awesome homemade meatloaf and chili. The chili was definitely Cajun inspired, so I ate way too much of it, but I would do it again in a heartbeat!Lounge serving area

While eating the meatloaf I noticed some SPG employees bringing out other hot dishes, which were green beans and jambalaya. As you can see in the next picture, it’s no wonder why we didn’t need dinner later.Lounge Dinner

I realize this post was full of pictures, but I believe you can get the best feel for a hotel by actually seeing what it looks like rather than just reading about it. However, a picture cannot do justice for the window in the room and how much we enjoyed watching the activities down below us from such a high vantage point.

This hotel is another case of us staying somewhere we would never afford because of using points, so please read other articles and ask questions so that you also can travel for free!Huge window (I’m not a small guy)