HUGE Teacher Discount at Select Marriott Hotels!

We have designed this website for anyone traveling on a budget and not just teachers! However, since we are both teachers we want to share every awesome opportunity possible for teachers to save money and still travel to incredible places!

We are so excited to share this wonderful news with teachers, but you need to act quickly if you want to take advantage of it!  We have found that if you book with the discount code listed in this post and then present your teacher badge at check-in that you can receive a rate significantly discounted——For example: Normal rate is $330 but the teacher discounted rate is $125!!!!!! These rates are subject to blackout dates, so if the hotel is filling up quickly on a certain date the rates may not be available.

Let’s get to the fun stuff!

Gaylord properties (and a few other Marriott properties) are offering a teacher discount code that gives a significant drop in price compared to normal rates.  Every property is a little bit different, but we will start by explaining the process for booking and then will have a link and a price for each property!!!

First go to this webpage and decide on the resort you wish to research. (Find more information about each resort below in this post.)

It will look like this:

The four Gaylord Hotel options are at the bottom and shown as a link in blue. Click on the one you want to visit.

I clicked on the Gaylord Palms in Orlando, and this is the screen I received next:

First, spend some time reading everything on this page.  I especially like the discount teachers can receive on ICE tickets!

But ultimately we are here for the hotel discounts, so notice the rate is only $119 per night! Click on the Learn More button now, which will take you to this page:

Right under the red $119, there is a place for you to enter your email. You do not have to enter a school email address, and I would recommend you use a personal email.  

After entering your email, click the “sign up” button. The email generated immediately for us, so go ahead and check your email to receive your discount code!

I Picked the Hotel and Received the Discount Code Through Email—What is Next?

In the email you received you have an option to “book now” if you click it through your email.  Going this route takes you directly to the place where you will pick your dates of travel.

So far, every email we have tried we have received the same discount code, which was:


As long as you enter this discount code in the corporate/promotional code box, you will get your teacher discount. (If you clicked “book now” through your email the discount code will already be entered for you.)

Your screen should look like this, and note the ZTC in the bottom right of the screen shot:

At this point, you just need to pick your dates and choose your room. As long as you show your teacher ID/badge at check-in, you will receive this significantly discounted rate!!!!

Gaylord Hotels can be found in Nashville, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Washington, DC, and Orlando.  You can read about each of the hotels on one page by clicking this link. Read below for a link and price for each one when using the teacher discount code.

Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center (Nashville)

For example, the standard rates at the Gaylord Opryland on Dec. 16th start at $360, but with a teacher discount the rate is $125! 

**Note: you can book up to two rooms with this rate, but the rate is only redeemable for a one-night stay**

Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center (Dallas/Ft. Worth)

For example, standard rates start at $239 on Dec. 15th, but with a teacher discount the rates start at $159!

Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center (DC)

For example, standard rates on Dec. 15th start at $265, but with a teacher discount rates start at $149!

Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center (Orlando)

Teachers receive a 30% discount on all standard rates!

Other Options in Orlando

We did find some other hotels in Orlando that will honor the teacher discount code that are not Gaylord Hotels.  These are the only ones we found in any city so far, so if you find more options please post them in the comments below!

Here are other Orlando options:

If you are planning on using this promotion to save money and still stay at an amazing resort, please join Marriott Rewards for free in order to accrue points for yourself! In order to join, let me know in the comments below and I can send a referral link, or email us at

To find out more of the basics surrounding Marriott Rewards, read this post.

Marriott Credit Card

The quickest way to earn Marriott Rewards is by signing up for the Marriott Rewards Credit Card through Chase.  You will earn 80,000 points as a sign-up bonus after spending $3,000 in the first 3 months, plus you will earn 5x points per dollar by putting the cost of your stay on the card! To sign up for the card, go here! To find out more about how credit cards can help you meet your travel aspirations, go here.

Although this teacher discount is not for a free stay like most of the posts discussed on this site, the discount is just too good to pass up! If your budget will not allow you to spend $125 for a hotel (don’t feel bad, we all are there at times) then try to split the cost with another couple or a buddy by booking a 2 queen room!

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